The Rev. Anne Wichelns, Priest

Phone: 315-350-4844
Office hours: 9:30 a.m. to noon Wednesday and Thursday or by appointment

Anne was ordained to the priesthood in 2007 and has been our priest since 2015. She previously taught high school English. She and her husband, Jerry, are co-vicars at St. Andrews Shared Presbyterian/Episcopal Ministry in Evans Mills, New York. She likes to swim, camp, sing, read, and visit her children and grandchildren.


Erik Filkins, Senior Warden

Phone: 315-532-3065

As senior warden, Erik (right in photo) supports Mother Anne.


Jim Pepper, Junior Warden

Phone: 315-342-5717

As junior warden, Jim (left in photo) assists with administrative responsibilities of the church. He is employed as a retail manager.



A board called the vestry governs our church. The congregation elects its nine members to three-year terms. Vestry members work on organization and planning and manage resources and finances.

Julie Blissert
Jayne Carson
Roger Locy
Lyle Naracon
Doren Norfleet
Inez Parker
Scott Rockwell
Missy Russell
Bob Sarkissian