Mother Anne

Phone: (315) 350-4844 
Office: 9:30 am - Noon
Wednesday & Thursday
or by appointment

The Rev. Anne Wichelns was ordained to the priesthood on June 16, 2007, by the Right Rev. Gladstone B. Adams. She graduated from the Diocesan Formation Program in Central New York. In September 2013, she joined the Fulton/Oswego Faith Partnership. On July 1, 2015, Anne was called as  Priest-in-Charge to the Church of the Resurrection.  Prior to ordination, she taught high school English at Indian River Central High School, in Philadelphia, NY. She and her husband Jerry are co-vicars at St. Andrew’s Shared (Presbyterian/ Episcopal Ministry in Evans Mills, NY.

Anne likes to swim, camp, sing, read, and visit her children and grandchildren. She is an Associate of the Sisters of St. Margaret.


A Meditation for Good Friday

God Most High, who made you and gave you life, has found a way to save you. God's love is brought this day so low, he lifts us up eternally.

When miracles, smoke on the mountain top, earthquake, fire, and flood couldn't save us...

When sickness, death, violence, and oppression couldn't bring us home; when release, freedom from slavery, victories, glory, triumph bring no solace, but an overwhelming sense of loss...

How is it that Jesus, born within limits of a particular time and place, born in a troubled time, a time of peace and war, oppression, strength, and power, a confusing time, a polarizing time, a time not unlike our own, how could this one person change the lives of you and me, when all else has failed?

It is for times like ours and lives like ours that Jesus hangs on the cross. When all else is stripped away and the eyes of our hearts are opened wide, we see our beloved hanging there before us. God's love for us is right before our eyes.

God brought low, not only for that moment long ago, but for now and always. This is eternity Now. Now God's love for you and me hangs there before us, a love which is offered in trust, that saves us even from the gates of Hell.

Resurrection Clergy: We are blessed to have retired clergy Father Jeffrey Knox and Pastor Bruce Schrader at Church of the Resurrection. They are a valued part of the mission and ministry of the church. Pictured from left to right are Mother Anne, Father Jeff, and Pastor Bruce.

Lay Worship Leaders, Eucharistic ministers and visitors, acolytes, lectors, intercessors, teachers, and altar guild members  -- all are  integral to our worship. 

If you are interested in participating in worship leader ministries, please contact The Rev. Anne Wichelns or Rose Rockwell, Worship Chair.