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 Mother Anne

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The Rev. Anne Wichelns was ordained to the priesthood on June 16, 2007, by the Right Rev. Gladstone B. Adams. She graduated from the Diocesan Formation Program in Central New York. In Sept. of 2013, she joined the Fulton/Oswego Faith Partnership, and was called as  Priest-in-Charge to the Church of the Resurrection on July 1, 2015.  Prior to her ordination, she taught high school English at Indian River High School, in Philadelphia, NY. She and her husband Jerry are co-vicars at St. Andrews Shared Ministry in Evans Mills.

Anne likes to swim, camp, sing, read, and visit her children and grandchildren. She is an Associate of the Sisters of St. Margaret.


Letter for the Easter Season, 2017

 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

From earliest times, Easter has been the major holiday of the Christian Church, and the season after Easter and before the Ascension has been a time of rejoicing  Our whole Church Calendar revolves around Easter Sunday, and our identity as a Christian community is formed in it — dying to sin and being raised to new life in Christ.  This community of Resurrection is now-in-the-present, transforming how we live today, as well as apocalyptic, in the future fullness of all times, world without end. AMEN.

For me, growing up, the Sunday of the Resurrection, Easter, was my favorite holiday,  surpassing the beauty of Christmas. There was just something about the preparations: the new Easter outfit, the new hat with flowers on the brim of it, the photograph my father took of Stephen and me under the dogwood tree (a tree whose flower represents the death of Jesus upon the cross, transformed into something beautiful.) My father took the same shot every year consistently. Only we two children and the dogwood tree behind us would change and grow.

As we went to church, lamb was roasting in the oven. My mother’s job was to stay home so the house wouldn’t burn down while we were at church. Often, on our return, we would surprise our local Easter bunny as s/he took off across the lawn.

 Times have changed, people grow up, but the Church of the Resurrection has a dogwood tree right on our property to remind us of how God’s suffering became transformed for our sake into the beauty of holiness. Will it be blooming on Easter Sunday? Surely, if not on Easter Sunday itself, it will be blooming during our celebration of Eastertide, the seven weeks of the Easter Season!

This Easter and throughout the Eastertide, you are invited to come together for the Feast of the Risen Lord at Church of the Resurrection. Your traditions and love of families, friends, and neighbors bless us all, and we are blessed in the surprising news of Jesus’ resurrection — the realization of hope beyond logic, the renewal of who we are, in Christ.

 Bring with you the experience of your hearts and souls to Christ, your suffering, fears, joys, and longing. The Mystery of our Faith is present to us in the Eucharist, broken for us and given. We join with one another and with God through this sharing. 

This Eastertide of renewal, let the church be your place to mend old wounds, dry your tears of sorrow, and renew your faith in the joys of the Resurrection. 

Yours in Christ, Anne+

Resurrection Clergy: We are blessed to have retired clergy Father Jeffrey Knox and Pastor Bruce Schrader at Church of the Resurrection. They are a valued part of the mission and ministry of the church. Pictured from left to right are Mother Anne, Father Jeff, and Pastor Bruce.

Lay Worship Leaders, Eucharistic ministers and visitors, acolytes, lectors, intercessors, teachers, and altar guild members  -- all are  integral to our worship. 

If you are interested in participating in worship leader ministries, please contact The Rev. Anne Wichelns or Rose Rockwell, Worship Chair.