Missions & Ministries

Hurricane Harvey
If you wish to learn more about the Episcopal efforts to aid those displaced by Hurricane Harvey,
click this link. Responding to Harvey

The Prayer and Care Pantry



The Prayer and Care Pantry provides diapers, baby wipes, toilet paper, facial tissues, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine hygiene pads and soap to those in need. We provided assistance to 124 different households and prepared 163 bags of supplies for clients last year.   Clients in need are referred to us from the Department of Social ServicesArise Child & Family Services, Human Concerns Center and the Salvation Army.  This ministry is becoming more known in the community and among referral agencies. We support this outreach activity mainly, from both individual item and monetary donations from our parishioners, however we also recieve support from other congregations, civic organizations and community individuals.


Resurrection continues this ministry through the administrative services provided by Patti Griffin, Purchasing and Inventory services provided by Barb Dexter and other volunteers and Packaging Services provided by Betty & Bill Kessler and other volunteers.





The Salvation Army 

A Team of people from Grace Lutheran and Resurrection cook and serve a meal every third Saturday at The Salvation Army.  This outreach project usually starts at 9:30am and is finished by 12:30pm and is yet another way we can all come together and do all such good works the Lord has put before us. Anyone interested in this project can speak to Kathy King.  


 The Red Wagon


Weekly Sunday non-perishable food and monetary donations are accepted into our Red Wagon, blessed and distributed to the Human Concerns Center.


Spiritual Care

        Hospital Care:  If you are hospitalized or will be, and would like Pastoral Care, please contact Rev. Anne Wichelns at 315-350-4844, or ask a friend or family member to do so.

        E-mail Prayer Chain:  If would like to be put on the prayer list or participate in the prayer chain, please contact Missy Russell or Barb Dexter.

        Caring Cooks:  If you are recovering from hospitalization or an illness, experiencing the loss of a loved one, or celebrating a birth, etc. your church family would like to help out and provide a meal for you or if you would like to help prepare a meal for a parishioner in need, please contact Kathy Nice, Betty Kessler or Barb Dexter.

        Lay Eucharistic Visitors:  We have an active ministry of LEV's that take communion to shut ins and those in need on a regular basis.  Contact Rev. Anne Wichelns or the office if you would like to be visited.

        Shut In Holiday Baskets:  Food plates are prepared and sent to our shut ins on Christmas and Easter.

If you are a member of Resurrection Graduating from High School, Please apply for our Higher Education Grant.

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