Pastor Richard Klafehn

Clergy-in-charge of Resurrection


Pastor of Grace & Prince of Peace




Greetings from Pastor Rick:






Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have begun to use a logo for our Faith Partnership, designed by JoAnn Locy. In our newsletters in our Sunday bulletins it reminds us that though we gather for worship in separate locations, we are now together as one in faith and mission. My personal hope is that we can have banners of our logo hanging in each of our 3 worship spaces.


The logo combines the Episcopal shield, Luther’s seal, a sign of the Holy Spirit, and a sign of our baptismal identity and locale.

The Episcopal shield includes a red cross on a white background, white for the purity of Jesus and red for his sacrifice on the cross and the blood of the martyrs. The red cross is also known as the cross of St. George, who killed the dragon, patron saint of England, and denotes the Episcopal Church’s descent from the Church of England. In the upper left are 9 small white crosses in the shape of a larger X-shaped cross against a blue field. The X-shaped cross is the cross of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland, which consecrated the Episcopal Church’s first bishop Samuel Seabury of Connecticut. The Church of England required a vow of obedience to England’s king, which the new American church was not willing to give. The 9 small crosses represent the 9 original dioceses when the Episcopal Church was formed in 1789. Blue is the color traditionally associated with Mary, Mother of our Lord, and a sign of Jesus’ human nature, which he received from her.

Martin Luther designed his seal, a symbol of the Lutheran church ever since. He explained the theology behind his seal in a letter to Lazarus Spengler in 1530. In the center is a black cross on a red heart. The cross is black because it kills sin, but does not destroy the red heart, its natural color. Rather it keeps the heart alive, for the just shall live by faith in the Crucified. Faith in the Crucified saves, for if one believes with the heart, one is justified. The red heart is centered on a white rose, to indicate that faith yield joy, comfort, and peace. The rose is white, because it the joy and peace of the spirits and angels in heaven, not that of the world. The white rose is centered on a blue field that hints of the sky and of heaven. The joy we experience already now through faith and hope is a beginning of the future joy in heaven yet to come. Surrounding all is a ring of yellow gold to show that the blessedness of heaven endures forever and ever and is more precious than all pleasures and possessions of earth, as gold is the most precious and noblest metal.

On top of both the Episcopal shield and the Lutheran seal is the white dove, the sign of the Holy Spirit at the baptism of Jesus, the same Holy Spirit, which has called us together into the one church of Jesus Christ, and more specifically into our local faith partnership for the sake of Christ’s mission of reconciliation, witness, and service.

Below the white dove are three waves, or rivulets, of blue water: signs of our one Triune God in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; signs of our three congregations; signs of the “pouring out” on us of the Holy Spirit and water and God’s Word in our one baptism into the one Body of Christ. And of course, “Pouring out place” refers not just to the font of our baptism. Baptism refers to our geography and locale. “Pouring out place” is also the meaning of the name of the county and the river we share and which flows through our two communities!

Peace be with you!

Pastor Rick Klafehn


Pastor Rick's Office hours will be 9 am - 12 pm:


Tuesday - Prince of Peace

Wednesday - Grace Lutheran

Thursday - Resurrection


Pastor Rick can be reached:


By message through the parish Secretary or Wardens

By phone:

593-7533 PoP

343-4280 Grace

343-3501 Resurrection


By email to:



During a history making event, two bishops from different church denominations participated in the Installation Service for The Reverend Richard Klafehn at the Church of the Resurrection on Saturday, October 22. The Lutheran Bishop Marie C. Jerge (left) and the Episcopal Bishop Gladstone “Skip” Adams (right) installed The Reverend Richard Klafehn to preside over our three Faith Partnership churches which include The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection(Oswego), Grace Lutheran Church (Oswego) and Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (Fulton). Welcome aboard Pastor Rick.




Bishop Jerge, Pastor Rick, Bishop Adams